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Why is the Danish humor so  sarcastic, ironic and dark?

- On Humor -

In many ways, culture is all about expectations – but what are those expectations when navigating the Danish culture?!

Danish Culture is an "Extreme"TM is a two-hours, state-of-the art lecture, which paints a certain picture of the Danish mentality and its implicit expectations. It is a humorous, serious and provocative lecture that battles through decoding known Danish values e.g. equality, trust, independence, humor, privacy, self-image, “hygge” and most importantly how they play out in real life.

If you are an international, you are probably often puzzled about the behavior of your Danish colleagues and friends. And if you are a Dane you cannot really explain your own behavior, mostly because you take it for granted, or you give poor explanations such as: “we do it like this because we did it last year”.

This is a lecture is for both Danes and internationals who would like to become a bit more culturally intelligent when it comes to the Danish culture and in this process self-discover some things about their own cultural background.

“If you love Denmark as an immigrant, but are struggling to feel socially included among the Danes, or are a Dane wondering why foreigners describe your culture as cold and distant, Anatolie Cantir has some thought provoking answers to your dilemma. His observations of Danish culture are well considered and his historical explanations for the “extremes” of Danish culture he identifies have been beautifully researched.

Lyn Harrison
Senior Advisor, Clean Energy Communications 

Som dansker er det altid ret interessant at høre hvordan vi bliver opfattet af andre ikke-danskere. Foredraget var provokerende med et glimt i øjet, og gav mig samtidig stof til eftertanke – ”er det virkelig sådan, vi bliver opfattet”, og samtidig kunne jeg nikke genkendende til mange observationer, ”ja, det er sådan vi er …”. Meget inspirerende, humoristisk og tankevækkende.

Lise Kathrine Hoberg 

Associate Professor

After nearly 12 years in Denmark I developed my own interpretation of Danes and Danish culture.  Anatolie did amazing job not only at analyzing this ‘specific society’ but also at making it entertaining and interactive. What I enjoyed the most was finally having some of my "why?" questions answered.

Piotr Kosierkiewicz
Management Consultant

Vi har haft besøg af Anatolie på Software Engineering i Horsens, hvor han holdt et foredrag om dansk kultur for vores studerende på den internationale linje. Det var sjovt, underholdende og fyldt med interessante observationer, som også gav os danske undervisere noget at tænke over. Kan varmt anbefales.

Mona Wendel Andersen, Software Engineering
Senior Lecturer, MA (LSP)

I have had the pleasure of attending the Danish Culture is an "Extreme" lecture, and I highly recommend it for both internationals and Danes. Anatolie gave many interesting and humorous examples of why Danes behave the way they do, and he also gave good advice to internationals on how to get by in Denmark. For Danes the lecture is an eye-opener, and as a Dane myself I could definitely see, that the things we take for granted might seem odd from an outside perspective.

Gitte Grønne

Scrum Master

Anatolie fortæller på en levende og humoristisk måde om hans oplevelse af den danske kultur. Foredraget lærte mig mere om den danske kultur også set i forhold til andre kulturer. Der var meget som gav stof til eftertanke - meget, som jeg troede, at jeg vidste, men som jeg så måske alligevel ikke helt var klar over. Sundt at se det fra et andet perspektiv. Jeg havde min datter på 18 år med og hun syntes også, at det var spændende at høre om og vi havde en god snak om det efterfølgende. Et foredrag som alle der bor i Danmark burde høre.

Elsebeth Quvang Søndergaard
Sps- og studievejleder

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Anatolie Cantir

I arrived in Denmark 16 years ago from native Moldova and made the town of Herning my home. My drive, curiosity and “obsession” about how other people think and live made me reflect a lot about the Danish society. It also motivated me to travel the world and think about my own background. Currently, I am a full-time associate professor at VIA University College. See 

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